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How to Make Social Media Work for You?

Social media marketing is more valuable when well planned. Before executing, it’s recommended to craft a strategy, define KPIs and make sure that every post corresponds with them. The following tips will make your life easier: post simple content with which you feel comfortable; create a monthly or bi-weekly SM plan; schedule your posts in advance; make sure the content comes to you by subscribing to relevant content of competitors; check social media only twice a day to avoid time wasting; don’t overthink about publishing content; use the Facebook and Linkedin pixel to retarget customers.

VP HR / Ex-Marketer, Moveo

Jun 8, 2019




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The common misconception about social media marketing is that it’s enough to simply post frequently. However, it’s much more valuable to post with intention and thought behind it.

The first step is to determine concrete and quantifiable KPIs, such as the number of product sales, the increase in website traffic, or the number of active online community members. Once your KPIs are set, you should detail monthly and weekly milestones, that can help you stay focus on your long-term goals while working on a busy day-to-day schedule.

Set the amount of times you’d like to post per week according to your audience preferences and team capabilities. Then make sure each post has a specific purpose. A post’s goal can vary from creating a brand awareness, through attracting new clients to your site, to growing your revenue. 

Marketers tip: brand awareness and understanding your audience works best when they are by-products of a well-thought of strategy.

Once you have a content strategy and every post has a goal, you can use the following tips to make your daily marketing hassle easier:

  • Keep your content simple - stay true to your voice and imagery. Take inspiration from your experiences by thinking about your own social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and how you interact differently with each one. This applies to the content you promote and the content you engage with. Then apply that knowledge on your business account. Post things you are comfortable with and stand behind.
  • Content plan - in order to really think through the various platforms and goals of each post, it is best to sit down and plan a monthly or bi-weekly plan. That way, each post genuinely advances you towards your overall KPIs. 
  • Schedule you posts using Facebook, HootSuite or Sprout Social - once the content plan is ready, feel free to schedule your posts in advance. Facebook allows you to do so on its platform, yet others require you to integrate scheduling add-ons, such as HootSuite or SproutSocial. 
  • Make the content you need come to you - Marketing Managers secret tip here - subscribe to relevant thought-leaders, media outlets and competitors newsletters, and follow all of their social channels. This helps you stay in the know even when just scrolling tirelessly on Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram / email late at night. It also helps you to speak the “social media” language your industry is talking and think of new ideas to market yourself.
  • Routine is a key - check social media ONLY twice a day - morning and night. Social media can be a HUGE time suck. Do not fall into the vortex of its magic! Get into the habit of checking your business accounts only twice a day, that way clients will get a response in sufficient time and you will have time to deal with your actual job. If you are sensitive about time response, shut off all notifications from Facebook and only turn on the Messenger notification - that way only the relevant information will come straight to your email inbox.
  • No overthinking - many junior marketers are fearful to post content. They overthink every single thing and end up posting way less than should. Think about your content - does it answers your goals and is it something you and the brand stand behind - and then just hit publish. A lot of early social media pages are about trial and error. By trying you find out what works for your audience and also what doesn’t, both are equally important.
  • Ever heard of the PIXEL? Facebook and Linkedin generate a pixel a.k.a. codeline for your specific business page. Take that pixel from Ads Manager (instructional video below) and insert it to your website under a hidden code. This will allow you to later retarget users who visited your website and make sure they see your content. The more they see it, the closer you are to closing the deal.

There you have it. Some helpful tips for everyone starting out in the social media field, or working on it in addition to other positions (as many determined entrepreneurs often do). 


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