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Moveo HLS

Moveo in Latin means motivation.

This is our core of everything. 


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We started as a startup

Back then in 2012 we opened a B2C startup. To fund ourselves we started providing services and soon realized that this is our thing. Shortly after we opened Moveo - a startup in the services industry, who understands how important it is to be flexible, creative, and agile, on the way to success.

A complete package of services

It doesn't matter if it's Product, Branding, Design, or Coding - We do it all. Working in full sync to deliver the highest standards of technology and creativeness.

We walk hand in hand with our clients

Whether an early-stage startup, funded startup or established brand, we demonstrate continuous caring, attentiveness, commitment and dedication, assuring that our clients feel as if we were their in-house team. We see our clients’ accomplishments as our achievements and put the success of a project in our top priority. Always.